Windsor Manor Bed

Windsor Manor Bed

Windsor Manor Storage Bed With Drawer Opened


Windsor Manor Storage Bed With Drawers Closed


Bed Drawers

Windsor Manor Bed With Rails

Wndsor Manor Bed
Wndsor Manor Bed 2
Wndsor Manor Bed 3

Windsor Manor Bedroom Collection

Windsor Manor Bed With Drawers:

Storage bed with 2 drawers on each side of bed.

King Bed With Drawers:


Price       : $3400

Size         :

Eastern King Headboard : 80.0W x 9.0H x 54.0D

Eastern King Footboard : 81.0W x 3.0H x 19.0D

Eastern King Storage Base  and Rails : 15.0W x 85.0H x 18.0D

Queen Bed With Drawers:


Price        : $2950

Size         :

Queen Headboard : 64.0W x 9.0H x 54.0D

Queen Footboard : 64.0W x 2.0H x 19.0D

Queen Storage Base And Rail Kit : 15.0W x 85.0H x 18.0D

Windsor Manor Bed With Rails:

King Bed With Rails:


Price        : $2800

Size         :  75"W x 54"H x 97"L

Queen Bed With Rails:


Price        : $2350

Size         :  64"W x 54"H x 92"L

Collection Pieces

Entire Collection Bed Nightstand
Dresser Mirror Chest
Media Chest • Entertainment Console
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