Warranty Information - American Design Furniture by Monroe


Warranty 1 to 2 years Furniture repairs or furniture must be brought back to seller for repairs or replacement of furniture for warranty to be honored with no self-inflicted damage on furniture. Seller can pickup or exchange at an hourly rate. See seller for hourly rate plus moving mileage.


Care Information

Wood furniture that is kept in appropriate room conditions and is not abused can last for many years. To maintain the beauty of color depth and elegance of your furniture, dust regularly and clean the surface with quality products. Use as directed for maximum performance. To enhance the appearance of your furniture, use water-based non-silicon cleaners as directed that bring out its natural beauty, shine and depth of the finish. Paste wax can hide some signs of wear and minor defects in the finish. It will provide protection from spills and wear. If the cleaner is used properly there should not be a concern of polish build up. For best results, follow the directions before use. Good furniture polish contains cleaners that will remove the previous layer of polish and dirt that accumulated between applications. For daily cleaning, simply dampen a soft cloth with a small amount of diluted dishwashing liquid and warm water.

Avoid spilling liquid in the decorative route lines, corners, edges and recessed areas of finished tops. Absorption of liquids will cause the wood to warp and finishes lift from the wood. Wipe up spills as soon as possible. Using a soft, clean cloth, blot the spill gently . Avoid rubbing. Extreme temperature and humidity changes can cause warping, shrinking and splitting of wood furniture. It is best to keep furniture in a climate controlled environment. Avoid writing directly on the surface to prevent marking. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight to prevent fading. Many household items such as rubber-based placemats ,phones, alarm clocks, computers, Lazy Susans and decorative accent pieces use rubber-based plastic pads on the bottom. To prevent discoloration and chemical reactions in the finish. rotate these items regularly so they do not remain in the same place for extended periods of time. It is absolutely necessary felt or foam pads be placed on the bottom of these items for added protection.

Marble is porous and stains easily. Wipe off anything spilled on marble immediately. Use coasters under beverage glass to avoid moisture rings. Use non-abrasive cleaners such as hydrogen peroxide for tough stains. Avoid using glass cleaners on the finish. Ammonia can cause discoloration and dull the finish . Do not use paint and nail polish removers or acetone near or on the product. Avoid placing hot objects on the surface. These will cause damage to the surface. Always use protective pads under hot dishes and plates. During normal use everyday, bolts and nuts may loosen up. They should be periodically inspected and re-tightened to prevent damage to the furniture and(or) personal property or cause injury. Always check to be sure all hardware on this list is attached to the furniture properly and kept tightened at all times.

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